DayZ Origins

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DayZ Origins

Post by [XK]meancloth » Sat Dec 19, 2015 4:15 pm

Now has a dedicated launcher that works really well, installation is simple. There are a lot of servers with around 500 players during down hours, not sure how many during peak hours. The server I chose is 60 player and doesn't have traders. Good ol' Taviana. I'll edit this post with new info as I get it. For now here's the wiki and launcher.

Features, some new:

Humanity System
Weight System, Inventory & Backpacks

Starting a Fire, Cooking Food & Boiling Water
Finding North & Telling Time
Using a Map and Compass
Hunting & Looking For Food
Clothes & Ghillie Suits

Eating & Drinking
Illnesses, Symptoms & Cures
Healing Wounds & Broken Bones
Body Temperature
Blood & Blood Transfusions

Sector B
Finding Fresh Water
Mining Materials

Repairing Vehicles
Upgrading & Reinforcing Vehicles
Painting Vehicles
Locking/Unlocking Vehicles
Finding Fuel




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3:08 PM - meancloth: no
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3:10 PM - meancloth: yeah i bet
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3:11 PM - The Numidium: no lube or nothin
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3:11 PM - The Numidium: he died eventually
11:56 AM - meancloth: my dick, your throat, now.
11:59 AM - Adam: bro lets make that happen

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Re: DayZ Origins

Post by Scheuerman » Tue Apr 30, 2019 6:15 am

Is there any hope for DayZ at this point? The game left early access in December, right?

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